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‘There are too many soulless software startups’

Laurens van der Tang is a special personality in the startups scene. At age 28, representing his IT employer Baan, he managed to gain a

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Programming Innovation by Scientists – Issue #4

  Scientific innovation in software engineering. Weekly insights. (more…)

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Research: devs’ attention for a task lasts 2 minutes

For software agencies, departments and startups it’s crucial to optimise the output of their developers. (more…)

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Let’s make software testing great again

Testing is considered to be one of the good coding practices, but fewer devs are encouraged to write tests. (more…)

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HTTP client for JavaScript: which one to choose?

Developers often choose an HTTP client when they consume APIs, for example as they build frameworks. Which HTTP clients should be considered by JavaScript developers?

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Put your Angular app config very close to production

Why? The simple answer is: you just need to. Otherwise you will face some strange production configuration errors, right in the process of development. The

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