React Ninjas Newsletter – Issue #3

Bas van Essen

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A closer look on React


Virtual DOM – The backbone of React

The reason for React’s amazing performance.

getDerivedStateFromState?—?making complex things simpler

For a better understanding we are going to solve a simple task: displaying a table.

How To Master Advanced React Design Patterns – Render Props

In Part 1 of this series we discussed how we could use compound components and static class properties to produce a readable and reusable Stepper component.

Unending quest for the mythic ‘Build once, release everywhere’

If you’ve ever built a mobile app for multiple channels (iOS, Google Play) you know how time consuming and tedious this can be.

How to use the new React context API – tutorial & screencast

Have you ever passed a property to a React component for no other reason but just to be able to pass it down to a child of that component? Meet React Context.

Functional programming paradigms in JS: Function Composition

In the previous two chapters we went through some of the basic paradigms in functional programming — pure functions and immutability.

React Native


React Native Facebook Login with Native Modules

This article only covers implementing the login with an Android app.

React-Native App using Expo CRNA and Typescript – Part 1

We configured Typescript for developing our Expo React-Native App and unit tests.

7 Tips How To Handle React Native UIs for Different Screen Sizes

So your team decided to move the mobile stack to React-Native and your designer gave you a piece of UI. Left you ponder how to made that UI fit for all devices.

How We Used React Native in the Carsharing App HoppyGo

Does it make sense to write an Airbnb-sized application in React Native?

Writing Reusable Redux Like a Boss

Escaping from the physical and emotional pain of rewriting Redux logics each time.

Redux and React with 60% fewer keystrokes

I’ll start with API, then explain what it solves and attempt to justify its existence.

You Might Not Need Redux: The Flutter Edition

Flutter is an awesome mobile UI framework that challenges you to think of app development…



A guide to building a React component with Webpack 4

You are not exactly sure how to proceed with getting your React component out there? This guide will walk you through the process.

Creating an ES8+ Isomorphic MERN Boilerplate with Webpack 4

This series will guide you through the common development tasks for prototyping modern full-stack javascript web applications.

React use cases


Making React and Django play well together

React, create-react-app and the related Django backend is a popular combination.

Optimizing our Turo’s web app build and deploy process

This blog post has described the thought process behind the implementation of the new web app build and deploy process.

Implementing push notifications with Create React App

One of the benefits of CRA and React is the speed/performance it provides.

The Fall of Facebook Sign-in and the Rise of Passwordless.

Since recent FB scandals we noticed a sharp decline in Facebook Logins. Then we implemented SMS login with Flask and React-Native.

Conway’s Game of Life in JS – Part VII – Stateless Components

In this weeks exploration I’ve moved away from using create-react-app in favor of a less bottlenecked bootstrap simple-react-app.

React Tools


Store images offline with React/Redux/Saga

I decided to write a solution by myself using a React/Redux/Saga combination.

Deploy a Static React Blog using GatsbyJS and Github

Stay Regular Media is a team of artists with decades of combined experience in the design and cannabis industries.

CodePush with React Native for Over-the-Air App update

CodePush enables Cordova and React Native developers to deploy mobile app updates directly to their users’ devices.

Vulcan.js 1.9: Nested Forms Support, Better Image Upload + more

Vulcan now supports complex nested forms, meaning you could have a form for a user object with 1 or more addresses, each of which could have zip code, city, etc.

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