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Andrés Cidel
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React Use Cases
Handling cultural differences for UI

We noticed people in {country} are used to filling the {field x} first. Could you invert the position for them? It is just a field, right? I bet you can feel the pain.
Using rust modules in JavaScript/Web Development (Pt. 1)

Part 1: how do you integrate rust modules with JavaScript with the help of wasm?
What we learned from building an E-learning platform

By creating the front-end for games that learn children to read and speak Spanish.
How to avoid creating many event handlers due to iteration?

Let’s assume you want to have a component that displays a list of components. Elements of that list are interactive, they are for triggering some sort of event.
React Components
Theming Components

When creating a new set of components, we need a way to be able to change the types of styling attributes for any number of components.
Using components in your Ember app

How to add jsx support to your ember apps & integrate react components inside your ember apps.
Testing components correctly with react-testing-library

The library is all about testing your applications based on how the user interacts with them, not just on how the functionality is implemented.
Advanced design pattern for flexible, reusable components (Pt. 1)

To celebrate the official release of React 16.3, I decided to share some techniques.
React Tools
Fluid Transitions with React Navigation

In modern apps animations are often replaced with a more fluid transition where elements on a screen appear to be morphed into the next screen?.
MobX & React for Vuex users

MobX makes state management simple again by addressing the root issue: it makes it impossible to produce an inconsistent state.
Comparing the top JS animation libraries for use in React apps

In this article five JavaScript animation libraries are chosen. Their abilities to perform from both a business and a development perspective are dissected.
Top 9 Tools for Easy & Speedy React Native App Development

Helping you to easily and smartly start with iOS and Android app development.
How To Stay Up To Date With Releases Of Popular Frameworks

Because too much of anything can be bad for you.
React Native
React Native QR Code

Can we use one library of QR code to fit all mobile apps? Yes, we can.
Multi-tenancy in React Native apps

On a path to building multi-branding apps in React Native.
Adding a Heatmap Overlay Over React Native Map

Please note that I have only tested it for Android.
React Props
Avoid Re-Renders and optimise MapStateToProps with Reselect

Creating your reusable and composable selectors with Reselect.
When to NOT use Render Props

Let’s back up from the hype and think critically about the render props pattern.
Build a landing page with Webpack 4

This tool massively improves your development speed and happiness.
Webpack 4 in production: How to make your life easier

Decrease the bundle size and utilize better code splitting in the project.
React Native on iOS/Android and Web with TypeScript

Compiling a Web bundle from a common TypeScript source with react-native-web.
What’s new in TypeScript?

Version 2.8 of the JavaScript superset includes conditional types for modelling.
Simplifying Redux: An Overview

Simplifier libraries enable you to stop writing and maintaining boilerplate code.
Super Simple React/Redux Apps with Reduxigen

Using Reduxigen can remove almost half of the code.


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