React Ninjas Newsletter – Issue #2

Andrés Cidel

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Andrés currently uses React to build serverless computing platform Jexia. Just learning React? Join his newsletter ’Master the World of ReactJS’.
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ReactJS Library, the view and the UI
Purity & Time in React
Simple strategy to manage your JavaScript project’s dependencies

Advanced design patterns to create flexible components (Part 2)
On User Interface Development: appending to the event log
React Context API
React 16.3: Context API
React’s new context API: toggle between local and global state
React Native
Making a Platform Game with React Native
Augmented Reality App with React Native, Expo and Google Poly
How to build a React Native Android bridge?
TravisCI & CircleCI 2.0 with Fastlane for React Native
React Native Test Driven Development (Part 2)
How to fix continuous user interaction lag /React[ Native?]/
Code Splitting in React using Webpack
Upgrading our build system to Webpack4
Tale of Webpack 4 and how to finally configure it in the right way
React-Redux: A Boilerplate Template to Start Reacting
Building React-Redux application by TDD
SSR Split Testing and Analytics with React, Redux and Next.js
Over and done with unexpected multithreading errors
Other React tools
Amazing React animation with react-pose
CSS Modules for React and Typescript
Why we needed yet another animation library: react-spring
Advanced route transitions with React Transition Group (Part 3)
Open Sourcing Design System React
JavaScript Autocompletion on Vim
React use cases
How to Customize Tab Bar in React Navigation
Improve Site Performance with Lazy-Loading and Code-Splitting
My capstone project: from Excel to Rails + React
Easy CSS Masonry Layout with Left-To-Right Content Flow
How to manage page transition animations in React and GSAP
Adapt to business change with React and .NET Core microservices

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