Master the World of React – Issue #1

Andrés Cidel

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April 6 · Edition #1 · Become subscriber. Andrés is full-stack developer at development platform Jexia.

React Use Cases

MobX & React for Vuex users

MobX makes state management simple again by addressing the root issue: it makes it impossible to produce an inconsistent state.

Using the Google Maps Places Autocomplete JavaScript API

A web app that searches for gyms in any city, using the Google Places search bar.

Comparing the top JS animation libraries for use in React apps

In this article five JavaScript animation libraries are chosen. Their abilities to perform from both a business and a development perspective are dissected.

Things we learned from building an E-learning platform

By creating the front-end for games that learn children to read and speak Spanish.

React Components

Theming Components

When creating a new set of components, we need a way to be able to change the types of styling attributes for any number of components.

Testing components the right way with react-testing-library

The library is all about testing your applications based on how the user interacts with them, not just on how the functionality is implemented.

How to avoid creating many event handlers due to iteration?

Let’s assume you want to have a component that displays a list of components. Elements of that list are interactive, they are for triggering some sort of event.

React Tools

Getting Started with Storybook

Story what? Storybook is a great tool for developing and showcasing components.

Fluid Transitions with React Navigation

In modern apps animations are often replaced with a more fluid transition where elements on a screen appear to be morphed into the next screen?

React Router 4: A Practical Introduction

React Router 4 uses declarative approach to routing. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use React Router 4 in your web projects via practical examples.

Redux – Not Dead Yet!

I’m a Redux maintainer. There’s been a lot of confusion, claims, and misinformation about Redux going around lately, and I want to help clear things up.

React Native

React Native: Will a cross-platform dream come true?

React Native has a lot to offer. Anna Klimenko and Alexander Kotov explain why React Native makes sense for developing cross-platform mobile platforms.

Multi-tenancy in React Native apps

On a path to building multi-branding apps in React Native.

React Props

How to TypeCheck Your React Props

Making sure your React props are of the valid type. Check out how to do it easily.

What Is The Render Props?

This time, I’m going to describe how to use Render Props concisely.

Avoid Re-Renders and optimising MapStateToProps with Reselect

Creating your reusable and composable selectors with Reselect.


What’s new in TypeScript

Version 2.8 of the JavaScript superset includes conditional types for modeling.

Typescript + React On Rails

Using React on Rails to add React to my Ruby on Rails application.

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