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Programming Innovation by Scientists – Issue #4
Bas van Essen, Thursday, May 10, 2018


Scientific innovation in software engineering. Weekly insights.
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Microservice architecture for scaling automated scoring apps

Additional source: GitHub.
Live Functional Programming With Typed Holes

Additional source: Hazel Live.
Fantasia: automatically find inconsistency in AngularJS MVC apps

Start at page 190 of the document. Additional source: GitHub
VocalIDE: Programming With Upper-Body Motor Impairments

No additional source available.
Testing and fixing
Orlis: detecting 3rd party libraries in obscured Android-apps

Additional source: PRESTO Research Group.
Jaguar: a spectrum-based fault localization and debugging tool

Additional source: GitHub, YouTube.
Data analytical
Semantic-based integration approach from sensors to chatbots

Additional source: LUIS.
Reductus: stateless Python data-reduction with browser frontend

Additional source: GitHub.
Taichi- An Open-Source Computer Graphics Library

Additional sources: Taichi website, YouTube.
Custom-made tangible interfaces with TouchTokenBuilder

Zip-download available at LRI.
Team building and personal development
Continuous Delivery of Personalized Assessment and Feedback in Agile Software Engineering Projects

Additional source: GitHub.
Other tools
Ampersand – Applying Relation Algebra in Practice

Additional source: Gitbook.
Talking to Engineers About a Brain-Computer Interface

Who’s This? Developer Identification Using IDE Event Data

No additional links available.
Related research
Why and How Java Developers Break APIs

Understanding Devs’ Needs on Deprecation as a Language Feature

Google case study: (dis)advantages of a monolithic repository

Which contributions let devs be accepted into GitHub teams?

Lambda terms not favored for concurrent object-oriented code

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