Programming Innovation by Scientists – Issue #1

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Bas van Essen

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Automatic HTML and JS rewriting to build self-healing webproxy

PIE: pipelines for interactive development environments

A DSL, API and runtime for building interactive pipelines. Check its GitHub.
Automatically integrate command-line apps across platforms

Automatically integrate, publish and execute. Read about Boutiques at GitHub.
Devy: a context aware conversational developer assistant

Devy reduces the number of manual, often complex, low-level commands that developers need to perform. Check inventor Nick Bradley’s GitHub.
StackintheFlow: recommending Stack Overflow posts

There’s an introduction video about the tool. Link to GitHub.
Anatlyzer: an advanced IDE for ATL model transformations

Available at GitHub and a video showcasing its features.
New tool accurately detects 3rd party libraries in Android apps

It outperforms state-of-the-art tools in both recall and precision (91% and 98.1%).
Devs embracing new automatic issue detector for source code

Reactile is a programming environment for swarm user interfaces

Coding features while using the best suited representation

Devs can even use representations in parallel. Check the site and video of Peopl.
Find errors in C programs by abstracting native execution model

This is what Sulong (GitHub), Graal VM’s LLVM bitcode implementation, does.
Live multi-language development and runtime environments

OpenSmalltalk: cross-platform VM for Squeak, Pharo, Cuis, and Newspeak.
Support System for Technology Selection in Software Products

This decision support system is featured at the website of AMUSE Project.
Github could use advanced curation tools

Curation repositories have become a favourite repository category at GitHub.
Other scientific software development insights
Devs, do not embed more than 6 ad libraries into an Android app

You can use 1 ad network when starting and 2 or 3 when an app becomes popular.
Yes, donation badges let devs respond faster

Research shows that badges are appealing for both contributors and organizers.
Bounties improve response time and quality at Stack Overflow

SO responders prioritize recent topics, but good quality answers take more time.
Devs that are only commenting at GitHub, are not quite polite

GitHub commenters less polite, positive and emotional than GitHub contributors.
And the problem: negative GitHub comments make things worse

Comments that contain anger are followed up by angry responses in 4 of 10 cases.
One Github or Stack Overflow page attracts like-minded devs

Shown by Github and Stack Overflow content: devs are focused on certain topics.
Dev types: social, lone, focused, balanced, leading and goal-adapt

At least, these appear to be the senior types of devs working at Microsoft.
Reddit and Hacker News are ‘communities of practice’ for devs

Many devs appear to rely on news aggregators such as Reddit and Hacker News.
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