Master the World of Golang – Issue #1

Master the World of Golang
Maarten Bezemer

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Golang Concepts


Checklist for Go projects

I start new Go projects regularly, either as part of my daily work or for fun during my free time. And every time I forgot something.

Learn Go by writing tests: Mocking

Learn about mocking in Go whilst practicing TDD.

Intro to Concurrency in Go

A short post summarising some of the features of concurrency in Go.

A complete journey with Goroutines

What are Goroutines? How do they differ from threads? How do you schedule them? What are common mistakes? And what are the keywords?

Today I Learned: Using Priority Queue in Golang

Priority Queue is one of the ways of how people manage a data flow.

How to use a Forwarding Proxy with golang

Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes make your environment extremely dynamic, it has a lot of advantages but it adds another layer of complexity.

Session based authentication in Go

Because you have to know who is calling your HTTP server.


How to start a new web project with Go

Using Routing, Middleware and Let’s Encrypt certification.

Go for PHP Developers: Structs vs Classes

Unlike modern PHP, Go handles the way we interact with types in our applications in a different way.

Golang use cases


Safely Carving Away a Snappy Golang Service from a JS Monolith

Create a high-performance service, load-test to verify the bottleneck, clearly communicate the service boundary, and integrate a golang server.

How To Use Redis with Golang

Learn how to use the open-source Redis database with Golang.

My journey from Node to Go

This articles intention is to document my learning curve.

Code a simple P2P blockchain in Go!

Coding a P2P network is no joke. It has a ton of edge cases and requires a lot of engineering to make it scalable and reliable.

Containerizing a Go API with Docker For Mac

I’m working through creating a RESTful API template. As part of it, I want to be able to “containerize” my app and deploy it to the cloud.
If you were forwarded this newsletter and you like it, you can subscribe here.