Master the World of ReactJS – Issue #2

Andrés Cidel

April 16 · Issue #2 · Subscribe here

Master the World of React. Each week Andrés Cidel serves the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics.

Andrés Cidel is full-stack dev at serverless development platform Jexia.

New context API and Lifecycle method changes
Pulling State out of React
How 1 line of CSS code saved me hours of React coding
Why I love Redux with React (and so should you!)
Yep, JS Moves Fast. Build Component Libraries Anyway.
React Native
Getting started with React Native
5 React Native Apps Built on Open-Source APIs
Sending events to JS from your native module
React Context API
Build your React Router with React Context Api
New context API: toggle between local and global state
React Components
Quick introduction to React Components: the State
Treat Component State as immutable
About functional stateless components
React use cases
Multiple checkbox handling
Serving a React Production Bundle on Hapi 17.x.x
Configuring Django with ReactJS
Avoid autoruns if you can
Code splitting with Create React App
Google Maps with React
Webpack — why and what
WTF is deadcode elimination?? How to do it by yourself
React Router
Roadblock, re-routing. React Router v4
Match Nested Route Paths in Parent Routes
Build a React-driven blog with Next.js and KeystoneJS
Building Server-rendered React Apps with NextJS

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