Master the World of ReactJS – Issue #3

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Andrés Cidel

Master the World of ReactJS. Each week Andrés Cidel serves the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics.


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React Concepts


How setState works?

The first thing to be aware of is the fact that setState function in React works in asynchronous fashion.

React Whisper

React-Whisper ?? gives you three functions to generate your state containers.

GraphQL API with React.js

Many new APIs are moved away from REST, embracing a change to GraphQL.

How To Write Better Code In React

Learn about Linting, propTypes, PureComponents PureComponents and Functional components, React Dev Tools, Inline Statements, snippets and more.

Array Equality in JavaScript

There are situations where strict equality by value just isn’t enough.

Why reactive programming and RxJS?

If you wonder what RxJS or reactive programming is and why to care about it.

React Native


An Android Developer’s Roadmap to React Native – Pt. 1


Solving View Overflow in Android

Android has particularities that provide different behaviours, features and bugs.

Material-UI: Get started (Fast!) ? React 16+

Step-By-Step guide that will show you the easy and the right way.

Install react-native-maps with Gradle 3 on Android

This is a quick tutorial on how to properly install react-native-maps with gradle 3.

How to Beat Your Competitors Using a React Native Technology

Anytime we do something faster, we’re going to experience some level of success.



Webpack Basics: Part 1

It’s time to prepare an application using Webpack module bundler.

A Tic Tac Toe Game With Redux, Babel, Webpack and Material-UI

Setting up the project, its dependencies and creating a “Hello Tic Tac Toe!” app.

React use cases


Deploy a Static React Blog using GatsbyJS and Github

Stay Regular Media is a team of artists with decades of combined experience in the design and cannabis industries.

How to navigate the React.js ecosystem without getting lost

In software development it’s often hard to find a direct path for learning new things.

How to use the new React context API – tutorial & screencast

Have you ever passed a property to a React component for no other reason but just to be able to pass it down to a child of that component? Meet React Context.

How to Use React Context to Build a Multilingual Website – Pt.1

React Context is one of the most interesting features in React 16.3.0.

Introducing React Terminologies with Next Generation Javascript


Application State Management

One of the hardest parts of software development is managing state.

Change detection strategy React

What makes it possible to sync view with our data and allows us to use curly braces in our HTML code.

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