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Maarten Bezemer


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A closer look on Golang


The Tragedy of Finalizers

Finalizers are deeply unsatisfying. They are almost impossible to use well.

The many flavours of dependency injection in Golang

A challenging aspect of building Go apps is managing many dependencies.

Asynchronous Real-Time Broadcasting using channels and sockets

Learn how to broadcast data to multiple websocket clients in Go.
Golang best-practices

Building Google Home Action with Go

The voice assistant has many integrations, enabling us to build apps for it.

A Cognito Protected Serverless API with Go in Minutes

See just how quickly you can get a severless AWS Lambda API with OAuth by Cognito up and running. Your wallet will thank you.

Measuring code sentiment in a git repository

It’s easy to analyze Git repositories with Go, which is useful for “inference-in-a-box” with Tensorflow.

Microservice coded during hackathon saving us thousands

How carrying-out a Go microservice is saving us $50,000 per year.

Golang Tools


Introducing Charlatan

Charlatan helps developers write better tests for complex software.

Schnorr Signatures in Go

An asymmetric cryptosystem based off of the discrete log problem

Instrumenting a Go application with Zipkin

A common question about tracing is how to instrument an application.

Rewind is a high performance command log library.

Rewind is a command log library. Similar to a WAL (write-ahead-log).

Sloc, Cloc and Code: a very fast accurate code counter

With complexity calculations and COCOMO estimates

Golang Discussion


Configuring sql.DB for Better Performance

Most tutorials gloss over the SetMaxOpenConns(), SetMaxIdleConns() and SetConnMaxLifetime(), with which you can configure sql.DB.

Re: Configuring sql.DB for Better Performance

I just can’t bring myself to agree with the settings recommended in the article. I’d like to explain what settings I would recommend myself.

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