Jexia Event February 24

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Wednesday 24 February 2016 
from 6:30 PM (CET)

Jean Monnetpark 35 7336 BA Apeldoorn (Free parking)

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RESTful applications and AngularJS: The why and how

Application development should always be fun. However: when you are developing applications for real it can become very time consuming. Creating technical interfaces and making custom JavaScript code for simple UI things can become complex and annoying… but there is a way to keep it fun.

This event is organized to share and discuss with you the advantages of REST programming and AngularJS. Why? RESTful design patterns have advantages in every programming language and more and more companies and application providers are shifting towards RESTful interfaces. AngularJS has become a new standard to create beautiful web-interfaces. Interested in learning more? Two enthusiastic developers will dive into the why and how of both AngularJS and RESTful with you and share their developing experiences: Vassilis Pitsounis and Maikel Mardjan.

Maikel and Vassilis are not only going to speak, a RESTful AngularJS application will be created together. This to let you experience how easy building an application with AngularJS and REST really is. So bring your laptop for the hands-on part of this evening!

This meeting is intended for every developer who:

  • Wants to know the concepts of REST and AngularJS and is not afraid of getting some ‘hands-on’ experience.
  • Has programmed a mobile or web application in the past (or might do in future).
  • Wants to improve his/her skills in a place where you can learn in an informal environment.


[highlight sc_id=”sc1453128001590″]Don’t forget to bring your laptop![/highlight]


The Speakers

Vassilis Pitsounis

Maikel Mardjan