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Programming Innovation by Scientists – Issue #1

Our weekly newsletter provides you with the latest scientific results. Innovation Automatic HTML and JS rewriting to build self-healing webproxy Read about BikiniProxy at GitHub.

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Open sourcing Jexia’s JavaScript SDK and Angular integration module

We are pleased to announce that we open sourced our JavaScript SDK and Angular integration module. (more…)

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React Ninjas Newsletter – Issue #1

Stay up-to-date and ahead of your peers with Andrés Cidel's Newsletter for React Ninjas. Each Friday. (more…)

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Master the World of React – Issue #1

Master the World of ReactJS. Each Friday I serve the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics. (more…)

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Research: devs’ attention for a task lasts 2 minutes

For software agencies, departments and startups it’s crucial to optimise the output of their developers. (more…)

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Let’s make software testing great again

Testing is considered to be one of the good coding practices, but fewer devs are encouraged to write tests. (more…)

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