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Using Webpack and dependency injection to create JavaScript SDK for both Node.js and browser

This article details the evolution of one particular aspect of the design for Jexia’s Javascript SDK. (more…)

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How to create an Ionic App with Jexia Part 2: Local Notification / Real time events

In part 1 of this tutorial we have built a simple Ionic App on basis of the Jexia platform. The App collects blog articles that

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The next big thing: Serverless

Serverless computing, what problems does it solve? These days we are starting to hear more and more about the term "Serverless" and it's popularity is

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Meetup: API NL @ Blendle

Our second API NL meetup hosted at Blendle offices at Utrecht and it was more than successful! We had great participation, lots of fun, great

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Meetup: Apeldoorn FrontEnd Developers #2

Before some days we host another great meetup in our offices, the Frontend Developers Apeldoorn #2 Meetup. Lots of devs join us having lots technical

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How to create an Ionic App with Jexia Part 1

Ionic is a popular framework to build hybrid apps. And with reason. It’s incredibly easy and fast to build cross platform html/css/javascript apps. Ionic uses

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